Robert Streeting


Hi, I'm Robert Streeting and this is my personal website. Below is a bit of information about my background and what I'm currently up to, and in the near future I will be including information about the projects I am involved in and some of my creative output. If you wish to contact me, send me an email at robsws [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you for visiting!

About me

Currently, I am studying MEng Computer Science at the University of Southampton in my fourth year. Programming is a great passion of mine, one I discovered when I first got a hold of BASIC programming software. From there, I went on to study Computing at A-Level, in which I decided for sure that I wanted to make a living out of programming.

I also write a blog for ECS (School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton).


Other than computing and programming, my biggest passion is in music. I play guitar to grade 4 standard, and I love to write my own material. An ambition of mine is to learn more instruments and get to grips with music technology, and hopefully join a band in the near future.

I am also very interested in weightlifting and fitness in general, and spend a lot of time reading about how to improve technique and how to eat properly. I like to play badminton and squash at least weekly.


Below is a list of websites belonging to other Computer Science undergraduates I have met at the University of Southampton: