About me

Hi, I’m Rob Streeting and I’m a software developer based in London. I currently work for Factset¬†as a software developer and I studied Computer Science at the University of Southampton for four years prior to that.

My greatest passion is programming. Aside from developing software at work, I love tinkering with code in my spare time. Most recently I have been teaching myself C# and Unity and have been experimenting with writing python for a GoPiGo robot. You can read more about my projects on the Posts page and by following me on Github.

My second biggest interest is game design and game development. I am fascinated by the work that goes into both the technology and the design behind games, from the implementation details of graphics engines to the subtle ways that games present the illusion of choice by subconsciously influencing your decisions. I spend a lot of my time reading articles and watching documentaries on this topic (and of course playing games!).